May 2008

Become a movie producer. In the world’s shortest film.

“Cabin crew, prepare for landing.” A day in the life of air traffic over the continental U.S.

Necessity is the mother of invention.

99Rooms. An “industrial art” project by Kim Köster.

PAPERVISION 3D. Demo for the open source realtime 3D engine for flash.



A couple of months ago I told you about a senior citizen bus travel provider who didn’t seem too aware of the impression it might leave to typographically abstract the two diacritic dots in his family name to create a company logo.

I just spotted one of his buses again. I think he noticed.

(For non-germans: The umlauted vowel Ü can also be spelled UE.)


With his rock star dalliances and a desire to marry high-art style and low-brow subjects, Cubitt sits at the photographic edge.

(Eyemazing Journal)

“Shock photographer” Clayton Cubitt, a.k.a. Siege, is known for his radical visual concepts that travel between fashion and porn.

Together with generative artist Tom Carden, he created an eye-popping black and white series using an interesting technical approach: they wrote a sofware that generates particle simulations with gravitational restraints and merged the results into the fashion shots. Interesting: They first created the “particle paintings”, then the portraits.

The powerful visuals were published in MetroPop Magazine.

Where do ideas come from?  

Sometimes they come from the sky. Sometimes they come from our dreams. And sometimes they come from a strange little machine called IDEA GENERATOR.

The practical widget was developed by TDB Special Projects. Random three-word-combinations stimulate the brain and may be the seed for the next big idea. (VIA)


HELLO WORLD. A website for the Japanese telecom company SoftBank. Strange and beautiful. Made by THA. (Thanx, Till!)

NEW: OLD! A collection of vintage logos. (VIA)

Six feet under: A TV commercial for the Metro Madrid. Directed by Gabe Ibanez. Production Company: PELICULAS PONDER/MIAMI

They are here…! A robot jellyfish. Fascinating.

Another CITROËN promotion commercial, shot in Barcelona. Here’s the director’s cut:

Agency: Euro RSCG Duesseldorf

Creative Directors: Florian Meimberg, Torsten Pollmann

Art Director: Jean-Pierre Gregor

Copywriter: Till Koester

Producer: Meike van Meegen

Production: Markenfilm Berlin

Director: Henry Littlechild


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