August 2007

You have to understand, my dears, that the shortest distance between truth and a human being is a story.

(Anthony de Mello)


Ad people spend a considerable part of their life time on airplanes. We sometimes fly several times per week. But when something turns into routine, you tend to lose sight of the subtle humor that life might have in store …

Here´s what George Carlin has to say about the safety lecture on airplanes.

George Carlin, master of observational comedy, started his career in the Sixties. He was the first person to host SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, he won several Grammy Awards, and he is one of the funniest men I have ever seen.

Adsvertising is a visual business. Creatives spend a lot of their time browsing through stock archives and photography databases. Drifting in a constant stream of pictures, in their never-ending search for new visual styles. To create campaigns that portray an idealized world of flawless beauty.

But there´s something beyond photoshop perfection: Real life!
While doing research for a social campaign (sometimes ad agencies do pro bono work for charity organizations to daze their bad concience. Or to win awards), I stumbled over this:

VII is a photographers agency featuring some of the world´s most striking photo journalists. Who convey images that expand deep into the kaleidoscopic universe of human emotions. Images that stay in your head longer than any billboard.

And some of them express a mysterious beauty that no advertising photographer could ever achieve …



Have you ever imagined a world with no hypothetical situations?

Game developers have always been striving to make computer games look as real as possible. Here is a guy who makes reality look like a computer game.

Inspired by third person games like WORLD OF WARCRAFT, 25 year old designer Marc Owens created AVATAR MACHINE, a gadget with a rigged camera that lets you view yourself as a virtual computer game character. In real time. WATCH THE VIDEO


How twisted is that?!

But there´s more: Marc creates all kinds of art projects and strange product designs.
I want the Digi Pocket Watch!!


iPhone? Quantum accelerator? Time travel? Booooring!
Here´s an invention that gets an advertising creative excited: The flat pen!

Creatives take their MOLESKINE sketchbook wherever they go. It´s where award winning ideas come to life. As a sentence. Or a sketch. It´s also what gets nastily deformed when you stick your pen into it.

Well – not anymore! Designer Dave Seah invented a flat pen that prevents the moleskine´s cover from bending.


I just love the future!

Thanks for reminding me, Youtube!


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