Where do ideas come from?  

Sometimes they come from the sky. Sometimes they come from our dreams. And sometimes they come from a strange little machine called IDEA GENERATOR.

The practical widget was developed by TDB Special Projects. Random three-word-combinations stimulate the brain and may be the seed for the next big idea. (VIA)


More than 24 hours per day not possible.


(Error-message, displayed by the agency’s digital time recording system.) 

Recommendation: The tv commercial idea should not be executed.


(Last page of the focus group test results)


His name is Luke Taylor. He is a graphic design graduate from London. And he is looking for a job.luketaylor.jpgHis portfolio: a well-balanced blend of graphic design, fashion design and 3D installations. Some of his award-winning projects are based on sociocritical thoughts, others on simple insights. Check out the rain shirts! ///UPDATE : I am very happy to see Luke found a job!

I honestly believe that advertising is the most fun you can have with your clothes on.

(Jerry Della Femina)



Estimative total production costs (in Euro) for a television commercial promoting a pack of chewing gum for 99 cents.

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