February 2008

Amsterdam-based commercial photographer Erwin Olaf is mainly known for his surreal sceneries sparkling with opulent abundance. 


His visioanary photographic concepts for clients like Levi’s, Diesel or Nokia have won countless awards all across the planet.


His series “Grief” reveals a different side of his character:

The powerful portraits bear an arcane silence and the beautifully art-directed settings reanimate a past era.






Erwin Olaf’s portfolio is a must-see!


Recommendation: The tv commercial idea should not be executed.


(Last page of the focus group test results)


One of the most important factors for a brand to be successful: its name. 

One of the most promising approaches: keep it simple!




(Seen in London) 


Total number of spaces where you can stand around clinging to your 20-pounds-cocktail in the bar of the SANDERSON Hotel in London on a Friday night without a sinister-looking, ear-plugged giant showing up to tell you that you can’t stand here because this is the VIP area or this part of the terrace was just closed or this corner is only for members.


Also the total number of times I will book that hotel again.

You’ve met the friendly flower. Now say hello to the second hero in CITROËN‘s Eco-Promotion: the helpful sparrow.

“Nature says ‘Thank You’. For the low consumption model range by CITROËN.”

Agency: Euro RSCG Duesseldorf

Creative Directors: Florian Meimberg, Torsten Pollmann
Copywriter: Torsten Pollmann
Art Director: Jean-Pierre Gregor
Account Executive: Daniel Grube
Agency Producer: Meike Van Meegen
Production Company: Markenfilm Berlin
Director: Henry Littlechild
Post Production: FRAMESTORE, London

Sir Alfred Joseph Hitchcock (1899 – 1980) was beyond doubt one of the most visionary personalities the entertainment industry has ever bred. His movies are narrative masterpieces and “tutorials” for powerful filmmaking.
Dave Pattern, Library Systems Manager at the University of Huddersfield/UK, pays a very special tribue to old Hitch: He compressed every hitchcock movie to a duration of 1000 frames – The length of a commercial!


Rear Window (1954)


Psycho (1960)


The Birds (1963)

The experiment has a fascinating effect: the sequences break down to a striking condensation of Hitchcock’s picture language and the “visual rythm” of his movies.

And yes: I really think Hitch would make a  good commercial director. Just imagine his 30-second ad for bird seed …