October 2007

Peter Jaworowski aka THE HEJZ is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Warsaw, Poland. And looking at his portfolio makes an art director feel inferior …


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Estimative total production costs (in Euro) for a television commercial promoting a pack of chewing gum for 99 cents.

The very first law in advertising is to avoid the concrete promise
and cultivate the delightfully vague.

(Bill Cosby)

When I went shopping this morning, I was – once again – struck by a sensation that might best be described as an odd mixure of déjà-vu and unscheduled time travel.

I noticed that the department store had just launched the billboard campaign that we created for them 4 months ago. In early summer.

That is probably one of the strangest things on planet advertising: Due to handling times and long production processes, the seasons get all mixed up. In summer, we brainstorm about christmas campaigns and in deep winter we travel to the southern hemisphere to shoot commercials in the sun.

It’s like living in two shifted time zones. Very confusing.

Anyway, I gotta go now. Buy a christmas tree.

Fourteen thousand blogs. Twelve million readers. And one topic: the environment. October 15th is the first BLOG ACTION DAY.

I’d like to contribute a commercial that caused quite a stir in the ad world during the last couple of months. It was developed by the german Advertisng Agency NORDPOL and produced by PARANOID PICTURES (Director: THE VIKINGS).

The film just won a gold lion at this year’s Cannes International Advertising Festival.

What a wonderful piece of satire! It’s a bit older, but more contemporary than ever!
And a must-see for Apple users of course. Ladys and gentlemen: Steve Jobs!

After “Balls” and “Paint” it’s finally here: Sony BRAVIA’s third spectacular TV commercial “Play-Doh” is the story of a colorful rabbit population invading New York City.

The film (agency: Fallon, London) is a stop-motion-animation that consists of 100.000 single photographs. A piece of art. And stolen!

The LA-based artist duo KOZYNDAN must have been quite puzzled when they saw the TV ad. A film that looks like a living version of a painting they created several years ago.


Impudent: The film production company PASSION PICTURES had called the artists months earlier to request work samples and to talk about a possible collaboration project. Only they never called again …



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