March 2008

More than 24 hours per day not possible.


(Error-message, displayed by the agency’s digital time recording system.) 

Yes, advertising people are liars. I know. But Robert over at BASIC THINKING discloses one of the counless reasons why a slight exentuation can sometimes be quite advisable. At least when it comes to instant microwave dinners …


The PUNDO 3000 project compares advertising food photography to the unsavory reality.




(Seen from the rooftop bar at MPC Moving Picture Company in London)
It always kind of sucks when someone tells you that what you do is bad.

Environmental activist Annie Leonard however does it in such a charming way that you can’t help but almost like her for it.

Her animated 20 minute-short film “The Story of Stuff” is a “fact-filled look at the underside of our production and consumption patterns”. And a painful reminder of what what they do to our planet.


True insights, illustrated with simple images and compressed into a strong message – everything a good commercial needs!