Intelligent ambient media concepts examine new ways of interacting with their surroundings. They blend in to stand out. A good ambient installation beats every billboard in making a message visible. Or invisible! Here is how we made a man dissappear.


Client: fiftyfifty street magazine
Agency: Euro RSCG Duesseldorf
Creative Directors: Florian Meimberg, Torsten Pollmann, Felix Glauner
Art Director: Jean-Pierre Gregor
Copywriter: Till Koester
Production Company: CONGAZ Visual Media Company


They deleted every single public advertising space in a Vienna shopping district for two weeks. They turned a church into a Starbucks coffee shop. And they sold tickets for trips to the moon.

The irritating art projects of Christoph Steinbrener and Rainer Dempf invade public spaces and are provokative examinations of today’s consumption patterns.


HELLO WORLD. A website for the Japanese telecom company SoftBank. Strange and beautiful. Made by THA. (Thanx, Till!)

NEW: OLD! A collection of vintage logos. (VIA)

Six feet under: A TV commercial for the Metro Madrid. Directed by Gabe Ibanez. Production Company: PELICULAS PONDER/MIAMI

They are here…! A robot jellyfish. Fascinating.

The before / after comparison – Probably the oldest method of illustrating the effectiveness of a product. And the most boring one. Except when it happens in an unexpected place …

An “ambient media cinema commercial”:

Agency: Euro RSCG Duesseldorf

Creative Directors: Torsten Pollmann, Florian Meimberg, Harald Linsenmeier

Art Director: Jörg Sachtleben

Producer: Christian Käutner

Everybody is doing “ambient-campaigns” lately. Advertising ideas that extend the borders of the regular ad space and – if done well – cleverly include the surrounding environment.

We just realized an ambient installation for our client TOYS”R”US. And used the biggest ad space we could find: The planet!


Creative Directors: Florian Meimberg, Torsten Pollmann
Art Directors: Florian Meimberg, Matthias Renner
Copywriter: Torsten Pollmann
Illustrator: Hajo Mueller
Producer: Peter Engel