How stuff works.

After tagging Air Force One, DROGA 5 goes viral again. For Guitar Hero World Tour.

At least one belongs on every christmas wish list: GENERAL ROBOTS

Hypnotic and very very addictive: AUDITORIUM


Pretty funny. Even though the idea evokes a couple of déja-vus.


It first emerged in 2007. It turned out to be highly contagious. And it was bright yellow – SMPSONIZE ME! The online application launched by Burger King transformed portrait photographs into cartoon characters. And instantly went viral. The annoying aftermath can still be seen in countless online profile pictures.

Now here’s a refreshing response: An anonymous digital artist turns cartoon characters into … well … humans. The slightly disturbing detail is that he sticks to the original cartoon proportions.

Here is a Photoshop time-laps of how he did it.

A little off-topic, but this is just too funny!

A couple of months ago, Google‘s web mapping service GOOGLE MAPS launched a new feature: GOOGLE STREET VIEW. A panoramic street level environment lets you descend from the sky and virtually travel through the streets.

Impressive. And contentious! The feature has raised privacy concerns. This scene from a Chicago street shows why:


UPDATE: The original picture has been deleted. Always good to make screenshots! 😉

Floods, fires, earthquakes. The global climate crisis has reached an alarming peak level.
But who can be held responsible?

This viral commercial we produced for a local client reveals the sobering truth …


DELVOS “The storm”

Agency: Euro RSCG Duesseldorf
Creative Directors: Torsten Pollmann, Florian Meimberg, Felix Glauner
Account Executive: Daniel Grube
Agency Producer: Meike Van Meegen
Production Company: Markenfilm
Producer: Claudia Westermann
Director: FloTo

What a wonderful piece of satire! It’s a bit older, but more contemporary than ever!
And a must-see for Apple users of course. Ladys and gentlemen: Steve Jobs!

After “Balls” and “Paint” it’s finally here: Sony BRAVIA’s third spectacular TV commercial “Play-Doh” is the story of a colorful rabbit population invading New York City.

The film (agency: Fallon, London) is a stop-motion-animation that consists of 100.000 single photographs. A piece of art. And stolen!

The LA-based artist duo KOZYNDAN must have been quite puzzled when they saw the TV ad. A film that looks like a living version of a painting they created several years ago.


Impudent: The film production company PASSION PICTURES had called the artists months earlier to request work samples and to talk about a possible collaboration project. Only they never called again …



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