Intelligent ambient media concepts examine new ways of interacting with their surroundings. They blend in to stand out. A good ambient installation beats every billboard in making a message visible. Or invisible! Here is how we made a man dissappear.


Client: fiftyfifty street magazine
Agency: Euro RSCG Duesseldorf
Creative Directors: Florian Meimberg, Torsten Pollmann, Felix Glauner
Art Director: Jean-Pierre Gregor
Copywriter: Till Koester
Production Company: CONGAZ Visual Media Company


Nowadays, everything can take pictures: Cellphones, mp3-players, watches, even sunglasses come with built-in cameras. 2 Megapixel dwarfs that transform our world into chunky pixel mosaics. Modern day diaries in 72 ppi. And life looks pretty shallow in lo-res-land. Where’s the detail?

Here: xRez Studio is a Santa Monica company that creates extremely high resolution gigapixel photographs. The high-res images are complex compositions of hundreds of single shots created with extensive motion control gear. The images enable the creation of immersive digital environments and are being used for visual effects sequences, fulldome theater-presentations or large-scale exhibition prints.



With his rock star dalliances and a desire to marry high-art style and low-brow subjects, Cubitt sits at the photographic edge.

(Eyemazing Journal)

“Shock photographer” Clayton Cubitt, a.k.a. Siege, is known for his radical visual concepts that travel between fashion and porn.

Together with generative artist Tom Carden, he created an eye-popping black and white series using an interesting technical approach: they wrote a sofware that generates particle simulations with gravitational restraints and merged the results into the fashion shots. Interesting: They first created the “particle paintings”, then the portraits.

The powerful visuals were published in MetroPop Magazine.

HELLO WORLD. A website for the Japanese telecom company SoftBank. Strange and beautiful. Made by THA. (Thanx, Till!)

NEW: OLD! A collection of vintage logos. (VIA)

Six feet under: A TV commercial for the Metro Madrid. Directed by Gabe Ibanez. Production Company: PELICULAS PONDER/MIAMI

They are here…! A robot jellyfish. Fascinating.

A large white room. A small black box. And an explosion of talent.
This PLAYSTATION 3 commercial is jaw-dropping.


The film was created by TBWA ChiatDay and executed by SUPERFAD, a production company with offices in LA, New York, Seattle and London.

Their portfolio is worth a look. Motion design at its finest!

What a wonderful piece of satire! It’s a bit older, but more contemporary than ever!
And a must-see for Apple users of course. Ladys and gentlemen: Steve Jobs!

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