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Print is dead.
(the internet)

They are easy to compile. They are space-saving. And they don’t wrinkle: PDF magazines are a powerful promotional tool for agencies and design collectives to showcase their work. Their content spreads from graphic design, illustration and typography works to in-depth articles and interviews on just about any field of visual and communication arts.

One of the biggest virtual newsstands is PDF-mags.com. With hundreds of PDF magazines from across the globe, the fast-growing site is swiftly becoming the hub for online magazines.

A couple of months ago I told you about a senior citizen bus travel provider who didn’t seem too aware of the impression it might leave to typographically abstract the two diacritic dots in his family name to create a company logo.

I just spotted one of his buses again. I think he noticed.

(For non-germans: The umlauted vowel Ü can also be spelled UE.)


One of the most important factors for a brand to be successful: its name. 

One of the most promising approaches: keep it simple!




(Seen in London) 

Semantic paradoxons are statements that lead to an infinite contradiction. A phenomenon that already taxed ancient philosophers’ brains. Fortunately there’s relief today …

This campaign we created for THOMAPYRIN headache pills was published in magazines and as a poster campaign in colleges and pharmacies.





Agency: Euro RSCG Duesseldorf
Creative Director: Florian Meimberg, Torsten Pollmann
Art Director: Joerg Sachtleben, Desiree Rose, Jean-Pierre Gregor
Copywriter: Torsten Pollmann

Advertising is a surreal universe full of bizarre creatures and odd miracles. That´s what the Assosiation of Independent Commercial Producers – AICP – must have had in mind when they created the opening sequence and category titles for their 2007 show held at the MoMa, NYC.

NYC design company Version2 combined Photoshop matte paintings withe 3D elements and After Effects particles.

The outcome is impressive!



Found on JvM/Neckar.

About 30 million PowerPoint presentations are being held around the globe every day. And most of them are very boring. Sales figures, expansion rates, target group characteristics – everything is conveyed in dull bar histograms and dry pie charts.

But: Presenting data can turn into an aesthetic delight! Smashmagazine and VisualComplexity both explore the subject and supply stunning examples of complex information turned into intriguing visual systems.


Found on JvM/Neckar.