September 2007


Estimative number of buttons pushed during the course of a TV commercial production (on computer keyboards, browsers, cellphones, photocopiers, fax machines, dashboards, cameras, spotlights, generators, amps, microphones, coffee machines, displays and studio interfaces) before the bored target audience member pushes a single button on the remote control to change the channel.


If you try to fail and succeed, what have you done?

Producing a television commercial is an elaborate, time-consuming venture. And a very expensive one: An average shooting day costs around 100.000 Euros.

But it doesn’t always have to be the big bucks. Here is the cheapest commercial I ever produced.

Creative Directors: Florian Meimberg/Torsten Pollmann
Art Director: Franziska Scholz
Film Production: 30 SECONDS

The viral film cost around 500 Euros. And took us three hours to shoot. It won a silver medal at the New York Festivals and a shortlist in Cannes.

Big idea beats big budget!

The Belgian beer brand Stella Artois has become famous for its multi-awarded series of opulent TV-commercials that were inspired by genres like war movies, silent comedy or surrealism.

Now Stella Artois launched a website that takes the user on another epic journey back in time. Taking place on the flat earth of the 14th century, the story circles around the strange events occuring in the ancient city of Leuven, where Stella was first brewed.

In interactive, movie-quality settings, the user has to help the brewers save their beer. A dangerous quest, for 1366 holds countless dangers …

Travel to ancient Leuven


Damn! I just fell off the edge of the world. Again!
A sure Cannes winner for 2008.

Can someone tell me how to solve the fifth game? PLEASE??

Hurray! Advertising is not disrupting my movie anymore!
It’s inside now …

We all remember “The Hire”. In 2001/02, 8 high quality shortfilms featuring BMW cars conquered the world of viral films. Produced by David Fincher and directed by Hollywood heroes like Guy Richie and Ang Lee, the commercial mini movies were precursors for a new kind of advertising: The product as a main character, implemented into a well scripted story.

Now a similar concept comes from germany.

FLOADED embeds product advertising into sophisticated short films with a remarkable production value. The film production is being co-financed by the sponsors.

And this is how it works:

An interactive function allows the user to pause the film at specific times, at which point brand partners’ products are shown on screen. From this Brand Layer the user can then click over to microsites which present the sponsors’ products in more detail.

The first movie, “The Illusive”, was directed and produced by german director Roman Kuhn and features Brands like Mercedes-Benz and Canon.


Behind FLOADED are the german production company teamworx/UFA and the media company Gruner + Jahr.


FLOADED films are not commissioned work. The creation of each film begins with free and independent ideas, not with the advertising partners. The ideal brand partners are brought together and acquired for each film individually.

I’m anxious to see if this will work out. “The Illusive” is a start. Although when I watched it, I didn´t klick on a single “Brand Layer”. But that Canon EOS camera looked pretty cool …



220.000 square meters of exhibition space. 953 manufacturers from 39 countries. 88 world premiers. One Million visitors. The IAA in Frankfurt/Germany is the world’s largest motor show. Particularly impressive: The world’s smallest cars!


Less than 3 meters: TOYOTA concept car “IQ”

The trouble with us in America isn’t that the poetry of life has turned to prose, but that it has turned to advertising copy.

(Louis Kronenberger)

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