A little off-topic, but this is just too funny!

A couple of months ago, Google‘s web mapping service GOOGLE MAPS launched a new feature: GOOGLE STREET VIEW. A panoramic street level environment lets you descend from the sky and virtually travel through the streets.

Impressive. And contentious! The feature has raised privacy concerns. This scene from a Chicago street shows why:


UPDATE: The original picture has been deleted. Always good to make screenshots! 😉


Just in time for the weekend: The Coca Cola Happiness Factory goes online!

Who didn’t instantly fall in love with those strange little creatures?

And who didn’t momentarily want to book a one way flight to that fairy tale land with the sunny hills? The land where happiness is made.

It just got a lot easier to get there!

The softdrink paradise opens its gates to the public. With cute games and visual delicacies …




Floods, fires, earthquakes. The global climate crisis has reached an alarming peak level.
But who can be held responsible?

This viral commercial we produced for a local client reveals the sobering truth …


DELVOS “The storm”

Agency: Euro RSCG Duesseldorf
Creative Directors: Torsten Pollmann, Florian Meimberg, Felix Glauner
Account Executive: Daniel Grube
Agency Producer: Meike Van Meegen
Production Company: Markenfilm
Producer: Claudia Westermann
Director: FloTo

The Belgian beer brand Stella Artois has become famous for its multi-awarded series of opulent TV-commercials that were inspired by genres like war movies, silent comedy or surrealism.

Now Stella Artois launched a website that takes the user on another epic journey back in time. Taking place on the flat earth of the 14th century, the story circles around the strange events occuring in the ancient city of Leuven, where Stella was first brewed.

In interactive, movie-quality settings, the user has to help the brewers save their beer. A dangerous quest, for 1366 holds countless dangers …

Travel to ancient Leuven


Damn! I just fell off the edge of the world. Again!
A sure Cannes winner for 2008.

Can someone tell me how to solve the fifth game? PLEASE??

Thanks for reminding me, Youtube!


I just spent another lazy night clicking myself through the vastness of the internet. When I came across something very amazing: Interface navigation without clicking!

This incredible piece of “scientific artwork” was created by Alex Frank from Essen in Germany as a part of his diploma in communication design.

Examining the structural nature of digital user interfaces, he did something very unusual: He took away the click! The outcome is stunning. And very diverting! Take your time to navigate through all the content. It´s addictive!



A white computer screen requires more energy than a black one. In January 2007, a blog entry raised an interesting question: What if they made Google black? HEAP MEDIA did. And created Blackle, A black Google Version. To set an example of how little things can change a lot. If just everyone takes part.


Now will Blackle resolve the world´s energy crisis? No, it won´t. But it will make people think.
Because it is based on a powerful idea! And it´s big ideas that influence people. Just like in advertising.

Well. Gotta go back to work. I have to come up with some more ideas to sell people stuff
they don´t need …