Nowadays, everything can take pictures: Cellphones, mp3-players, watches, even sunglasses come with built-in cameras. 2 Megapixel dwarfs that transform our world into chunky pixel mosaics. Modern day diaries in 72 ppi. And life looks pretty shallow in lo-res-land. Where’s the detail?

Here: xRez Studio is a Santa Monica company that creates extremely high resolution gigapixel photographs. The high-res images are complex compositions of hundreds of single shots created with extensive motion control gear. The images enable the creation of immersive digital environments and are being used for visual effects sequences, fulldome theater-presentations or large-scale exhibition prints.



A couple of years ago, french photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand amazed us with a breathtaking perspective on ourselves: THE EARTH FROM ABOVE is a series of aerial photographs that reveal the stunning beauty of our planet.

Now Yann is back. And he has landed his helicopter. To meet the people that inhabit the landscapes he’s been portraying all those years.

In his long-term project 6 BILLION OTHERS, 6 directors set off across the world to interview 6.000 people from 65 countries. They filmed 4.500 hours of interviews. And compressed them into 450 hours of translated and subtitled video portraits.

Well-lit and tightly framed, the short interviews are intimate, emotional close-ups of the people that populate our planet.

The interactive website was created by the french design company THE BLAST MACHINE.


Advertising photographers are passionate about beautiful women. And squids. At least that’s what their portfolios indicate. A recent photo research had me stumble across these cute fellows in a course of just a few minutes.


More pictures with less legs on their websites:


Adsvertising is a visual business. Creatives spend a lot of their time browsing through stock archives and photography databases. Drifting in a constant stream of pictures, in their never-ending search for new visual styles. To create campaigns that portray an idealized world of flawless beauty.

But there´s something beyond photoshop perfection: Real life!
While doing research for a social campaign (sometimes ad agencies do pro bono work for charity organizations to daze their bad concience. Or to win awards), I stumbled over this:

VII is a photographers agency featuring some of the world´s most striking photo journalists. Who convey images that expand deep into the kaleidoscopic universe of human emotions. Images that stay in your head longer than any billboard.

And some of them express a mysterious beauty that no advertising photographer could ever achieve …



In advertising there´s nothing more powerful than pictures. Photographs express the infinite-dimensional universe of human emotions. They make people laugh. They make people cry. They sometimes even make people buy products. A picture is worth a thousand words.

But what if you forgot your camera?

UNPHOTOGRAPHABLE is a collection of photographs that were never taken. Described by photograher Michael David Murphy. Sometimes a few words can say so much more than a picture …


HDR photography is all the rage. High Definition Range pictures have a greater dynamic range and much more details than “normal” digital photographs. That makes them look “realer than real”.

By creating an exposure range and combining it in Photoshop, everybody can generate HDR pictures. flickr fans will know …

But this is what it looks like when a pro works with the technique:



Dave Hill from Orange County, California is a commercial photographer. He also has a good taste of music!

Even an ordinary lunchbreak can have something special in store if you just keep your eyes open. The other day I walked out the agency and saw this: