Pretty funny. Even though the idea evokes a couple of déja-vus.


“It’s like The New Yorker – for mutants.”

BLAB! magazine is the brainchild of Chicago-based art director Monte Beauchamp, who painstakingly edited, art directed and designed every issue since its debut in 1986.
“America’s leading anthology of sequential storytelling and narrative illustration” features the provokative work of some of the world’s most exceptional comic illustrators and graphic artists.

The latest issue is being kicked off with an exhibition in Los Angeles. The BLAB! Show. The opening party is tonight!

BLAB! founder Beauchamp used to work as an advertising creative before he wholeheartedly consecrated himself to his magazine. By the way: The annual publication doesn’t contain a single page of advertising.

Peter Jaworowski aka THE HEJZ is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Warsaw, Poland. And looking at his portfolio makes an art director feel inferior …


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Sometimes an exaggeration appears more authentic than the real thing. Caricaturist J creates astounding character paintings of celebrities.