A little off-topic, but this is just too funny!

A couple of months ago, Google‘s web mapping service GOOGLE MAPS launched a new feature: GOOGLE STREET VIEW. A panoramic street level environment lets you descend from the sky and virtually travel through the streets.

Impressive. And contentious! The feature has raised privacy concerns. This scene from a Chicago street shows why:


UPDATE: The original picture has been deleted. Always good to make screenshots! 😉


A white computer screen requires more energy than a black one. In January 2007, a blog entry raised an interesting question: What if they made Google black? HEAP MEDIA did. And created Blackle, A black Google Version. To set an example of how little things can change a lot. If just everyone takes part.


Now will Blackle resolve the world´s energy crisis? No, it won´t. But it will make people think.
Because it is based on a powerful idea! And it´s big ideas that influence people. Just like in advertising.

Well. Gotta go back to work. I have to come up with some more ideas to sell people stuff
they don´t need …