UMERIC reloaded. The Sydney based motion design studio relaunched their website. A visual feast from down under.

Explosive slow motion skateboarding directed by Spike Jonze. Epic.

Revealed: The true secret of GUINNESS.

MACHINE GUN IN WATER. Oil on canvas. The strange and beautiful art of Benjamin Anderson.


“It’s like The New Yorker – for mutants.”

BLAB! magazine is the brainchild of Chicago-based art director Monte Beauchamp, who painstakingly edited, art directed and designed every issue since its debut in 1986.
“America’s leading anthology of sequential storytelling and narrative illustration” features the provokative work of some of the world’s most exceptional comic illustrators and graphic artists.

The latest issue is being kicked off with an exhibition in Los Angeles. The BLAB! Show. The opening party is tonight!

BLAB! founder Beauchamp used to work as an advertising creative before he wholeheartedly consecrated himself to his magazine. By the way: The annual publication doesn’t contain a single page of advertising.

They deleted every single public advertising space in a Vienna shopping district for two weeks. They turned a church into a Starbucks coffee shop. And they sold tickets for trips to the moon.

The irritating art projects of Christoph Steinbrener and Rainer Dempf invade public spaces and are provokative examinations of today’s consumption patterns.


Color derives from the spectrum of light (distribution of light energy versus wavelength) interacting in the eye with the spectral sensitivities of the light receptors. Color categories and physical specifications of color are also associated with objects, materials, light sources, etc., based on their physical properties such as light absorption, reflection, or emission spectra.


Color stimulates the brain. Color creates moods. Color evokes emotions.
Color is one of the most powerful tools in the daily work of an art director. We love colors!
And that´s where Darius A Monsef IV comes in: The 26 year-old entrepeneur and social activist from Portland, Oregon is the founder of

Constructed as an online community, COLOURlovers is a resource that monitors and examines color trends. Enriched by articles and background information, it is an ever-growing index of color palettes that can be reviewed and rated. And shared! There are currently 26,356 Lovers sharing 401,248 Colors in 142,062 Palettes.


COLOURlovers is a burst of visual inspiration. And a must-bookmark for everyone interested
in the practical applications of colors.

So. Let´s get startet! What shade of green might curiosity have …?

In advertising there´s nothing more powerful than pictures. Photographs express the infinite-dimensional universe of human emotions. They make people laugh. They make people cry. They sometimes even make people buy products. A picture is worth a thousand words.

But what if you forgot your camera?

UNPHOTOGRAPHABLE is a collection of photographs that were never taken. Described by photograher Michael David Murphy. Sometimes a few words can say so much more than a picture …


Sometimes an exaggeration appears more authentic than the real thing. Caricaturist J creates astounding character paintings of celebrities.



“Yeah, well … We kind of like your print ad. But it is so … empty. Just one picture. Couldn´t we make it a multi picture ad? And put more copy in? And a product shot. And a coupon. And a starburst! Oh, and please make the logo bigger! Like twice the size.”

Advertising clients always want EVERYTHING in their ad. Maybe they should get in touch with Howard Hallis. The L.A. based artist is working on a quite ambitious project: He is drawing a PICTURE OF EVERYTHING. He plans to be done in 2010. This is a little section of it.


I will plunge back into the picture now. I have to be somewhere