Sunday, January 22, 1984. 96 Million people are watching the Superbowl Final Los Angeles Raiders vs. Washington Redskins in Tampa, when early in the third quarter, a 60 second commercial changes the world.

Apple’s mindblowing allusion to Orwell’s “1984” was directed by Ridley Scott with a production budget of $900.000. It only aired one single time, but the film is indelibly imprinted in the minds of Mac users across the globe and is considered one of the most influential commercials of all time.

More than 20 years after that sledgehammer hit the screen, ARNOLD WORLDWIDE in Boston brings it back with an interesting and scary experiment: The creatives put the commercial back into an early pre-production state called “animatic”, an animated storyboard with a narrative text. And then they tested it. In a focus group, under real life circumstances. Real people recruited to evaluate the ad.

What you are about to see is what happens to strong advertising ideas every day. Ideas that are highly emotional and deeply touching. Ideas that are never going to unfold their power because they will never end up on screen.

This is why most ads suck.

This film was used as an opening video for the 2007 Hatch Awards.
Directors: Roger Baldacci & Lawson Clarke


What a wonderful piece of satire! It’s a bit older, but more contemporary than ever!
And a must-see for Apple users of course. Ladys and gentlemen: Steve Jobs!

The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be.
And that which is done is that which shall be done.
And there is no new thing under the sun.

(Ecclesiates 1:9:22)

Apple designer Jonathan Paul Ive must be a passionate bible reader. Or a big fan of German industrial designer Dieter Rams. Some of Rams’ design classics from the Sixties show striking similarities with today’s Apple products …


Top left: BRAUN T3 pocket radio
Top right: APPLE iPod

Bottom left: BRAUN ET33 calculator
Bottom right: APPLE iPhone


Tribute or plagiarism? What do you think?

By the way: There’s some serious “tributing” going on in our fast moving advertising business as well.


ADMIRROR detects “mysterious coincidents” in print ads. Very entertaining!