There´s nothing like Fridays: A stressful week draws to a close, the weekend weather forecast predicts sun, and you just got the latest season of your favorite show on DVD.
Oh, and you have a major presentation on monday morning …

I guess it´s time for another top ten list.


10. When you enter the agency, you shout “I´m hooo-ome!”

9. Your doctor tells you that your veins seem to contain black coffee.

8. You stray around your apartment looking for the conference room.

7. After a phone call with your mom you write a meeting report.

6. The cab driver who takes you home every night knows more about you than your wife.

5. The last time you went to the movies was when “Blade Runner” premiered.

4. You´re too tired to write number 4.

3. You keep mistaking dawn for dusk.

2. The people in the family photos on your desk are sleeping.

1. The agency is charging you rent.