As an advertising creative you have to constantly keep track of what happens around you. Observe the world, watch it spin. You need to collect food for thought, insights that you can turn into ideas.

This quest inevitably leads you into the endless depths of the worldwide web. And you have to dig really deep to find anything valuable. But sometimes you stumble over something unexpected. A rare treasure that has been hiding in the dark and waiting to be found. Some of these treasures I want to share with you. Here are two of them:

A snapshot of the world. A collection of the 100 pictures and words that matter most. Just now. Renewed every hour. Collected from the world´s leading news sources, 10×10 runs with no human intervention. A “freeze frame” of our planet, compressed to a couple of inches.

10×10 was designed and developed by Jonathan Harris of Number27 in conjunction with the FABRICA communication research center in Italy.

The earth´s population is just over 6.5 billion. That´s a pretty big crowd. Hard to imagine?
Not anymore …